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HMJ Ambition

Once known as the SCS Subjugation, the HMJ Ambition has been converted from its former role as a Sparnell Confederation Special Operations Destroyer into a well defended mobile headquarters for Jake Cartwright Lawrence in his work as head of Mordena Public Relations.   While the conversion has added several features, most notably the renovations behind Jake's Stateroom, the ship still carries two squadrons of Blades, several units of Mordena's Special Forces, and the multi-layered reinforced outer bulkheads of the Ravager Class Destroyers.



The Ambition is equipped with a full set of Telekinetic engines to control movement and positioning in orbit. These are monitored by the Maneuverability AI, with a small team of Telekinetic mages for maintenance, augmentation, and repair. Maneuverability also controls the gravity within the spacecraft.  


As is standard in Sparnell and Mordena capital ships, the Ambition relies upon the Hyperjump spell for normal travel between systems. The ship boasts two Void Necromancers, one living and one Navigations AI.   Unique to the Ambition, the ship is also equipped with a portal drive in case of diplomatic emergency. The engines are small with relation to the size of the ship and so Portal Travel is slow and laborious as the ship builds speed and momentum, but it is possible when necessary.

Weapons & Armament

Ship Weaponry

While the Ambition's primary mission is peaceful diplomacy it retains its offensive armaments, controlled by a Weapons AI and augmented as needed by the Battle Mages assigned to the Ambition. These are reserved for defensive purposes only, at least in most cases.  

Special Forces

Unlike his brother ship, the HMJ Relentless, the Ambition is no longer utilized as an attack vessel. The ship is nonetheless equipped with several skilled Mordena Special Forces teams, reporting to Lieutenant Yaevin Felix and tasked with ensuring Navarch Lawrence's safety.

Armor and defense

Reinforced Hull

The Ambition still maintains the unique triple layered reinforced outer bulkheads unique to the Ravager Class Destroyers, with an additional fourth layer in the prow to allow greater hull strength if ramming other ships. Reinforcement struts throughout the outer hulls of the ship redistribute the forces of impact, although the Ambition's starboard side is weaker courtesy of the standard half height windows in Hydroponics AB1 and the addition of full-sized windows along the entire outer bulkhead of Jake's Stateroom.  


The Ambition's crew includes two live Shielding Mages in addition to a Shielding AI and Jake himself. This provides the primary defense of the Ambition, not to mention some rather creative offensive capabilities when Jake is on board.  

Stealth Technology

The unique stealth technology of Ravager Class Destroyers is also available on the Ambition, although an Illusion-capable Void Mage is not currently among his standard crew and thus the capability is largely ignored. When active the ability would allow the Ambition to completely mask his presence in short bursts.

Communication Tools & Systems

Short-Range Teleconn

The Ambition relies upon the standard Communications AI for its internal Teleconn through the use of Telepathy, but also contains internal speakers allowing communication out loud if so desired.  

Long-Range Calling

Basic long distance communication is available via Soul Call, from any of the Void Necromancers or Jake himself. More secure long term communications with Janikk are possible courtesy of the Telepathy tied into Communications' Soul Oath. As with most Oaths taken by the Mordena, Communications is both caster and Oathbound, allowing the Oath to be broken at any time.


Standard Sensors

The Ambition carries the standard array of sensors for use in navigation and battle, allowing the ship's Telemetry AI to provide spacial maps via hologram or Telepathy. Internal sensors monitor the ship's needs to assist both Maintenance and Navigations.  

Survey Sensors

Well equipped for assault and survey missions, the Ambition also possessed a full array of mapping sensors to check for life signs, geography, and even the exact power and positioning of any magical fields within or around the target. These scans can be projected holographically or telepathically depending upon need, including in the Stardeck. More in-depth scans require hours or even days depending upon the size of the target to be mapped, with additional sensors available to alert the ship of any drastic changes when compared to the most recent data. These sensors are rarely utilized by the diplomatic craft, but are nonetheless maintained in perfect working order.

Additional & auxiliary systems

Portal Transit System

The portal transit system, a fixture in Sparnell Confederation capital ships, allows for ease of travel throughout the vessel. Crew members enter a set of codes tied to their level of access and their intended destination, linking the installed transit frames with a portal spell. In this way larger ships can be traversed quickly, particularly when maintenance is required.  


There are three hydroponics bays aboard the Ambition, each catering to a different habitat. Hydroponics AB1 on the starboard side remains the most popular with its large viewing window, water features, and comfortable temperatures. Hydroponics AB2 on the port side is split between heat and cold loving plants, while Hydroponics AB3 in the prow of the ship resides in the largest space between the forward reinforced bulkheads and provides the perfect environment for dark-loving plants.   The hydroponics bays provide food, comfort and morale, alchemical ingredients, and supplementary oxygen to the ship's inhabitants. They also allow for stronger Nature Magic use within the ship, including Curative Magic, due to the stronger magical fields caused by higher concentrations of plants and additional enhancements from Janikk.  

Life Support

Critical to the health and safety of all living crew members, the Life Support systems of the Ambition include Anemancy-enhanced airflow with Runework carbon dioxide scrubbers to guarantee a sufficient oxygen supply.   The system is maintained by a Maintenance AI, well-versed in Anemancy and Shielding Magic, and supported by an assortment of live crew members with similar magical training. In case of failure the AI is able to take over the functions of the ship's systems, while the ship's botanists are authorized to stimulate rapid growth within their bays using Agrokinesis to assist. If the hull is breached the Maintenance AI will reroute the airflow, their team and other crew members temporarily patching the leak with Shielding Magic until a more permanent corrected is implemented.

Hangars & docked vessels

The Ambition is equipped with a small hanger housing two highly skilled Blade squadrons, with berthing nearby for their Blade Dancers. Their defensive patrols are a popular sight for tourists as well, despite the black camouflage of the Blades in orbit, with the ships sometimes enacting Electromancy-augmented displays of precision flying to improve visibility.

Factual Tidbits

Ship Pronouns

Mordena ships are typically referred to by the pronoun of their primary Afterlife Intelligence. As the Ambition relies upon the Hyperjump spell for long distance transit this leaves the Navigations AI as the primary AI. The Ambition's Navigations AI identifies as male, and so the ship itself is therefore referred to as "he".  

HMJ Designation

The ship designation HMJ stands for "Hekknertoy Morjakkael ijik Jannadael," a Morjakk phrase which roughly translates as "Influential Communication from the Mordena". The Mordena, of course, enjoy pranking outsiders, and so most believe it to mean "Her Majesty Janikk" as a concession to the spirit haunting their homeworld.

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