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Sparnell Confederation

The jingoistic Sparnell Confederation rewards loyalty, patriotism, and merit - in that order. Citizens begin their careers in support of the military before earning their way into desired professions.
  Feared across much of the universe, the Sparnell Confederation prioritizes patriotism and Family honor over the individual needs of its members. The majority of member planets were conquered by the Sparnell Armed Forces during one of Sparnell's many wars and subsequently brought into line by the underhanded dealings of Sparnell Central Intelligence. A combination of educational propaganda, Sparnelli culture, and programs by the Department of Civilian Affairs guarantee little opposition against those in power.


While officially the Sparnell Confederation is ruled by Empress Rakethorne, the Empress refuses to leave the security of her palace. The only person permitted direct access to the Empress is the Fleet Admiral of Sparnell Fleet Command, although in more urgent matters she has been known to communicate with others government officials and military officers through hologram.   This has resulted in a Confederation highly favorable to the military, especially since the directors of Sparnell Central Intelligence and the Department of Civilian Affairs are hand picked by the Fleet Admiral and therefore also beholden to the Sparnell Armed Forces.


Courtesy of the high prevalence of Magic, the mandatory ten year conscription, and a cultural emphasis on the importance of glory and Family name, Sparnelli society is highly political.   Family is everything, providing expectations, opportunities, and protection to those favored to garner further glory. Families fight for position within the hierarchy, with the more powerful often disowning members who fail to live up to expectations. Those less ruthless often form alliances, trading obedience for protection and political clout in an effort to protect their members.

Public Agenda

The Confederation makes no secret of their desires to bring the entire universe under their control. While they often attempt to spin their aggression as a necessity for the protection of their people against unprovoked hostilities from those they are presently attacking, they care little about the opinions of outsiders provided it will not encourage a unified front against them. Hence the exercise in propaganda is more to sew division than to convince of the legality of their actions.   Internal communications are a different matter entirely. The extensive government-provided educational options scattered through Sparnell planets teach a thoroughly patriotic curriculum, openly advertising their skills and intentions in providing the best education available to prepare for a glorious conscription and subsequent careers in the Sparnell Armed Forces. These schools teach a history rich with victorious conquests, magics useful in all branches of the Armed Forces, and of course the importance of obedience.   The more powerful Sparnelli Families, affluent enough to see to the private education of their own young, instead emphasize responsibility to the Family honor, best served through accomplishments and recognition within the many branches of the SAF.


On the plane of Fillimet before the age of Vazdimet, the Golding Library housed the full collection of known magical knowledge including technologies long hidden from the world in a belief that their use would unleash terrible evils upon all of existence.   Many disagreed, launching The War for Enlightenment to uncover and share this knowledge with the world. After many years of conflict and struggle, tearing apart Fillimet in the process, the Librarians and their allies were defeated.   From the ashes of this destruction rose the Sparnell Confederation, empowered by the formerly forbidden magic and emboldened by their victory. Their world was destroyed, the power of the known magics fracturing not long after the Human Defense League abandoned the plane to reach for the stars and become the Space Defense Legion, but this was of little consequence.   The full mysteries of magic were finally theirs.


The Sparnell Armed Forces openly determine governmental policies for the Confederation under the direction of the Fleet Admiral and Sparnell Fleet Command. The true enforcement of these law, however, comes from Sparnell Central Intelligence, a ruthless organization capable of cutting down even the most influential Family given enough incentive to do so.   Organization within the military structure of the SAF is split between its Admirals and Vice Admirals, with those serving beneath them expected to uphold their Admiral's orders and decisions above all save the Fleet Admiral. Once Claimed or otherwise assigned to an Admiral those service members remain with that Admiral until the end of their service, with few exceptions. Admirals have been known to trade high performing individuals as a sign of respect and alliance, since the achievements of those serving beneath them reflect upon their own honor and glory as well.   If something happens to remove an Admiral from power a subordinate in their fleet will often be promoted to fill that spot, although in rare cases those serving beneath the Admiral are instead split across the remaining Admirals.

Technological Level

The Sparnell Confederation relies heavily upon advanced Magic technologies. Shielding Magic defends their planets and researchers, Electromancy powers their societies, and Necromancy allows them to travel the Void and constantly reviving their fallen.   Most Sparnelli intentionally avoid non-magical options when a magical option is available, considering other technologies as backwards and inferior. At least, this is what is said in public. Somehow the decorative mechanical trinkets the Vardan constantly import from SDL-space always sell out quickly.

Foreign Relations

Throughout its long history the Confederation has been at war with the entire universe, although the specifics on any given year vary dependant upon the desires of the voting members in Sparnell Fleet Command and the resources of the Admirals who answer to them. Despite its name, the majority of planets beneath their jurisdiction had little choice in the matter, and much energy is spent each year seeking new conquests, quelling internal rebellions, and defending against external retribution.   The Hydell Order in particular has remained an almost constant enemy due to their offense at the Confederation's use of Afterlife Intelligence within their ships and the blatent reliance upon Necromancy for an assortment of tactics and technologies.   The Space Defense Legion and Freeholds remain targets of opportunity, considered easy targets for expanding the Confederation's holdings within the universe. Courtesy of the SDL's agile tactics built around the use of advanced portal drives, not to mention the Freeholds' recent reliance on the Mordena in forming the protective Freehold Coalition, these assumptions fail to align with reality, but still they persist.   The neutral Vardan traders are the only faction who has thus far eluded the Confederation's interest, most likely due to their nomadic culture and complete lack of a homeworld.


While the more prestigious and specialized Sparnelli Families opt for training their own youth, government-funded education is freely available to all, regardless of their status or Family glory. Lessons teach everything from beginner to expert magic, in between the heavy literary and historical propaganda, plus basic lessons in math and sciences.   Upon the mandatory SAF Conscription at age sixteen, all new recruits are brought to SAF Military Headquarters for additional aptitude testing and specialized training for their intended roles within the Sparnell Armed Forces. This education lasts up to two years until a student is assigned to an Admiral or Vice Admiral, although if a conscripts is Claimed during their lessons their Admiral may decide to move them to their own forces at any time, continuing any further necessary training on the job.   Once this mandatory service ends some organizations offer programs to help former SAF who elect not to re-enlist instead transition back to civilian life, most often funded by the businesses intending to hire graduates upon program completion. Civilian work remains less prestigious than the achievements of the SAF, but the constant needs of the military in everything from technology to foodstuffs ensure it remains lucrative.

Glory is its own reward.

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