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Sparnell Armed Forces

The Sparnell Armed Forces serves as the primary organization of power within the Sparnell Confederation, particularly with the disappearance of Empress Rakethorne from the public eye. At the helm of Sparnell Fleet Command sits Fleet Admiral Valcore Sil, her own influence solidified by her political agreements with other prestigious Sparnelli Families, most notably the necromantic Selkirk Family.


The Sparnell Armed Forces plays a significant role in the management of Confederation affairs due to the influence of its Admirals and their Families. While the SAF officially only covers the military branch of Sparnell Confederation leadership, most Sparnelli lump the entire government under the SAF umbrella due to Fleet Admiral Valcore Sil's influence over each.

Fleet Command

The true branch of the Sparnell Armed Forces falls under Sparnell Fleet Command. While technically all Admirals and Vice Admirals across the fleet are members, only ten are awarded voting privileges at Fleet Command meetings, determined by the most prestigious officers in attendance at the time of voting. Fleet Admiral Valcore or her representative hold any tie breakikg votes, although this is largely a formality.   The majority of Fleet Command serve within the Confederation Armada, with a mere handful specialized to command the Sparnell Special Forces. Sparnelli News and Entertainment is helmed by Admiral Vox of the renowned Vox Family.  

Civilian Affairs

The Department of Civilian Affairs handles all non-military needs and requirements across the Confederation. Most Sparnelli Families fall under this role as well, working to further their own standing by supplying the Confederation with the foods, goods, and materials required to further its expansion across the Void.  

Central Intelligence

The feared Sparnell Central Intelligence falls under the jurisdiction of Vice Admiral Selkirk Tallinah, Fleet Admiral Valcore's personal TAG. Responsible for rooting out threats and dissent from both sides of Confederation borders, this Selkirk-Valcore alliance between knowledge and power has solidified the unshakeable power of both families.  

Ranks and Expectations

The Sparnell Armed Forces maintains strict expectations for their service personnel, beginning with their Conscription as a Recruit at the age of sixteen. Recruits receive tests in magical aptitude, at which point most will attend formal training at SAF Military Headquarters on Sparnell for two to four years to learn their expected roles, responsibilities, and trades.     Conscripts who show a particular talent, either due to aptitude results, Family reputation, or excellence within their classes are often Claimed by an Admiral or Vice Admiral prior to completion of their training. The remainder will be apportioned by Sparnell Fleet Command upon completion of their training, based upon need or Family diplomacy. Upon assignment to an Admiral the conscript is formally a member of the Confederation Armada, Sparnell Special Forces , or Sparnelli News and Entertainment branch of the SAF, depending upon their Admiral.   Those who are assigned by Fleet Command enter service as a Starman unless otherwise dictated by their trained role. Claimed conscripts will be assigned a rank at the discretion of their claiming Admiral. For this reason the most powerful Families provide their children with advanced training in the Family's specialty, in the hope of providing each generation a head start toward their task of furthering the Family reputation. Certain roles and abilities guarantee a starting rank of officer, while diplomatic overtures to an Admiral may secure a higher rank for Families able to propose a mutually beneficial arrangement.   Conscripts of Families who do not participate in the diplomatic maneuverings will discover a longer struggle through the ranks, although in some cases such as the Kane Family's natural aptitude toward Battle Mages a new recruit may find themselves climbing faster than average due solely to their innate talents. Other Families will enjoy a meteoric rise in prestige after a child is identified as a Void Mage, causing a high stakes political battle among Admirals.   Conscripts remain with their assigned Admiral for the entire ten years, as will those who choose to more formally enlist regardless of the method. Candidates choosing to become Oathbound in exchange for advanced training will require their Admiral to stand in as their Sponsor and will wear the mark of that Admiral on their lapels for the duration of their Oath. Citizens choosing to re-enlist will also serve their same Admiral, retaining the rank and role held from before the end of their conscription unless another arrangement has been made through their Family.   There are two notable exceptions to the otherwise remarkable stability to an individual's chain of command throughout their career. With permission from one's Admiral, a Commodore who is not Oathbound may be promoted to Vice Admiral by Sparnell Fleet Command, earning their own armada. Due to Sparnelli politics this most typically happens upon the retirement of the Commodore's Admiral, although in some cases a full Admiral may Sponsor a subordinate to take command of a branch of their armada, or Fleet Command may promote an officer to take the place of a recently-disgraced Admiral if they feel the officer acted in an exemplary manner despite their Admiral.   In cases of lower ranked officers and enlisted, Admirals are also prone to exchanging personnel as part of a show of respect to the recipient Admiral and their Family. As the accomplishments of those under their command also reflect upon the honor and prestige of their commanding Admiral, the more highly decorated the offered individual, the greater the compliment to the recipient. Refusal of such a gift is a grave insult to the offering Admiral, and often results in the Family of the offered individual naming them disowned from the shame.

May your glory bring honor to us all.

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