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She felt the pressure of an attack against her Shielding, instinctively strengthening the spell and adding a second layer. The magical assault continued, insistent and varied as it strove to find a way through her defenses, but she never wavered.   This was child's play, in the most literal sense. It was the first thing she'd learned in training, courtesy of her Family. Battle Mages ran deep in the Kanes, as did the mental health issues that followed a mandatory ten year conscription at the front lines of the insatiable war machine known as the Sparnell Confederation. She'd managed to escape, defecting to join her agrokinetic younger brother on the Freehold planet of Baden, but the training – and the traumas – had proven more difficult to leave behind.
  Powerful and lethal, battle mages are well-trained in the arts of offensive and defensive combat Magic. They serve as the backbone of the SAF's Sparnell Ground Forces and the Mordena Special Forces, while also holding key importance in the Militant Order of Descendants and various planetary defense corps across The Freeholds.  

Known Skills

Each battle mage's repertoire of known magic is unique and personal, highly dependent upon their specific roles within their organization, as well as their own natural talents and interests. All learn some variation of Shielding Magic, both a useful tool for expanding their Imperium reservoir and a necessary protection in the heat of battle. Some lean heavily into the offensive magics, particularly Electromancy, Telekinesis, and Pyromancy. Others rely on subterfuge, leaning heavily into Illusion Magic and even Anemancy. Still others prioritize mobility and situational awareness, with such skills as Portal Magic or Thaumathea.   Most organizations also teach their mages to use a variety of weapons. These include melee weapons such as swords and knives, as well as ranged weapons including the compound bow and electropistol.  

Roles & Responsibilities

Battle mages are most commonly know for their offensive capabilities in direct combat situations, such as conquering planets. This, however, is only one of their many functions throughout the often violent and political landscape of Vazdimet.   Boarding parties are often comprised of battle mages well-versed in the best ways to disable or destroy a spacecraft and its crew from within. Exploration and discovery missions to unknown planets often hire battle mages to provide protection in case of opposing natives or wildlife. Retired battle mages are popular as bodyguards, particularly due to their ability to remain lethal even when visibly disarmed, while battle mages in training are often assigned to assist in maintaining key aspects of their spacecraft as a way to hone their craft.   The Sparnell Armed Forces has found battle mages particularly useful in quelling civilian riots, particularly on recently subjugated planets. The famed Sparnelli riot rifle makes a frequent appearance in these mages' arsenal, due to the weapon's ability to shoot either a high-powered laser or a cone-shaped non-lethal electrical shockwave capable of incapacitating a large number of unshielded rioters with a single shot.   Battle mages also comprise the bulk of Sparnelli Tactical Assault Groups, with the remaining roles allocated to healers, an advanced scout or two, and whatever other skilled professionals the TAG leading the team has identified as important to their continued success.  
The TAG she’d spoken to had been on their 73rd reincarnation. If she'd died in battle she'd have been assigned to the TAG’s team, one more bodiless soul bound into service to the Sparnelli war machine. The interview had been the beginning of her awakening to the true horrors of her place within the SAF, inspiring her efforts to escape.

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