The Universe of Vazdimet | Necromancy is a Wholesome Science.

Vazdimet Necromancy is a Wholesome Science

Created by: Morgan Biscup, engineer and published space fantasy novelist
Coauthor: E V Turnbull, doctor of creative writing and award-winning worldbuilder

Centuries have passed since the War for Enlightenment released forbidden knowledge into the hands of everyday citizens. Magic and technology revealed in the aftermath unlocked long-buried secrets, leading to space travel and an altered understanding of many deep-held truths of the universe... including society's beliefs on death itself.   The idyllic era of Fillimet was over. The age of Vazdimet had begun.   But the Enlightenment left its mark in other ways, fracturing the people of the universe according to their ancestors' beliefs during the war. Each faction's race to claim the stars reshaped the universe in a long history of colonies and alliances forged and broken. In the unending violence, subjugation, and forced adaptation, Vazdimet's wary souls remain ever vigilant to defend the only thing that truly matters.   Home.    
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