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Hydromancy focuses on the manipulation of water, with later training allowing for its application on other liquids as well. This class of magic has found prolific use in a variety of professions, from battle mage to firefighter, healer to water treatment and purification.   Most magic instruction in Pyromancy also begins with at least a basic education in Hydromancy, courtesy of the surprisingly parallel nature of many of their simpler spells. Some argue that Anemancy should instead be used, due to the higher successes of smothering an accidental Pyromancy fire over dousing it with water, but air manipulation doesn't follow the same patterns as water and fire.


Hydromancy allows mages to manipulate liquids, controlling their behaviors and even altering temperature, at higher levels of control. Hydromancy can be divided into three basic subsets of skills.  

Water Manipulation

Water manipulation is the first skill learned by hydromancers. It not only involves the abilities to move water according to the caster's whims but also allows the consolidation of water from other sources such as the air.  

Liquid Manipulation

Upon mastering water manipulation, students of hydromancy can apply their training to other liquids. Training begins with liquid mixtures containing water before expanding to those without water content.   In theory, anything can be melted and manipulated through hydromancy, although in practice molten liquids are particularly difficult to control. Not to mention, most require Pyromancy to maintain their liquid state for the duration.  

Blood Warming

An interesting side effect of these skills is that hydromancers of sufficient training and experience with Pyromancy can expend their Imperium to warm their own blood, making them less susceptible to the elements.   This should only be attempted by full masters of hydromancy, as any error in adjusting an individual's own internal temperature could be catastrophic. This skill has therefore also been used as a weapon against others using this same technique, although this is even less common due to the requirement for physical contact when casting.  

Learning Hydromancy

Hydromancy is considered a beginner's magic, and is often the first type of magic to which a student is exposed, at least across The Freeholds. While there is some risk to performing Hydromancy, such as accidentally causing a flood or storm due to drawing too much water from the air, it is generally considered a low risk magic.   Most who know the skills only understand simple water manipulation. Past these skills the training requirements become much steeper and less alluring to a hobbyist.
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