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The Void

The infinite Void comprises all the spaces between celestial bodies of Vazdimet. The true Void stretches across the The Veil, including both the mortal plane and the Afterlife. While largely empty of physical objects, it pulses with the cosmic powers of the universe.   When referenced in everyday conversations most uses refer only to the aspects of the Void visible to the mortal plane, unless the speaker is skilled in Necromancy. Many colloquialisms also call upon the Void as a form of casual swearing, likely due to its size and its presence between all habitable planets, colonies, and starships.

Localized Phenomena

The magical fields of Asterarcana form their connections across the Void and between the stars, easily permitting the use of any spells tapping into the fabric of the universe itself. Necromancy remains the most well-known of these magics, due to tales of Void Necromancers capable of harnessing the stars themselves to Hyperjump large ships through the Void by Bending the mortal plane around them.

Natural Resources

While the Void appears largely empty to the untrained senses, to the Cosmically Attuned it is a space teeming with magical power. Those born with this gift can tap into the magical reserves of the stars while in the Void, using their enormous power to cast larger spells than those ordinarily permitted of mere mortals. Organizations with the means to do so often mine these celestial bodies for starmetal, the material storing a finite sampling of the stars' strength for use outside the Void.


In addition to serving as the medium for interplanetary journeys, visiting the Void remains a popular vacation spot. Many well-off planets maintain their own space station, catering to their local population and even visitors from other planets. Janikk Station remains the most well known of these due to its exclusivity, coupled with the reputation of the Mordena mercenaries and their overprotective refusal to allow outsiders access to their planet, Janikk. Rumors claim the tech-savvy Space Defense Legion maintains multiple stations at each planet within their holdings.   Cruises are another popular way to enjoy the Void. These sometimes have stops planned at other planets, although some focus solely on visiting notable beauties within the Void. The Sparnell Confederation's largest cruise line, Glory of Sparnell Cruises, has gained both fame and notoriety for hosting unique and often controversial cruises to an assortment of destinations at odds with their faction. This has led to accusations of using civilians as cover for covert military activities.   The Sparnell Armed Forces continues to deny these allegations.
Alternative Name(s)
The Great Expanse
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