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Void necromancer

Kydell grinned, baring his teeth. “That’s why you learn down here, first. Can’t borrow from the stars if you’re not out there with them, yes?”   The boy furrowed his brows, thinking back to his lessons. “Unless you’re a necromancer?”
  Void necromancers are the most common form of Void mages, largely due to their critical importance in transportation. Those with an affinity for Necromancy are particularly prized, but even those without a natural skill in the necromantic arts often choose to pursue career anyway.  

Hyperjump Spell

The importance of Void necromancers the Hyperjump spell, a difficult and costly spell allowing a single Void necromancer to lift a spacecraft and its contents into the higher planes of the Afterlife before folding the mortal plane around them to emerge at a new intended location anywhere else in the universe. The spell is impossible to cast solo unless one is Cosmically Attuned, allowing the caster to borrow magic from the stars themselves.   To passengers, the transit appears almost instantaneous, although for the Veoid necromancer the spell typically requires at least an hour of mental preparation. A half hour transit for a large capital ship is considered the gold standard, and Void necromancers able to perform such a feat can set their own salary when seeking employment in the private sector.  

Military Employment

The largest concentrations of Void necromancers are found within the Sparnell Armed Forces and the Militant Order of Descendants. In fact, Void necromancers in the private sector often owe their education in the spell to time spent serving within the military.   The Active Defense Legion, by contrast, does not employ Void necromancers at all, instead relying heavily on their shorter-range portal drives as a cheaper alternative.
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It was supposed to be a simple patrol.
The Sparnell Armed Forces were waiting.

One by one he dropped his own mental shields, first the ones holding the cosmic Void at bay, then those constructed to barricade his thoughts from the Afterlife, allowing the full familiarity of both to wash through his mind. A caress of unbridled power.   "Don't fight it," he cautioned as he felt her tense. "We're surrounded by the magic of the universe. We can't change it. We can only experience it, adrift on the waves of an eternity we will never truly understand."   She relaxed again, tentatively at first, her face a model of abject wonder and delight. "Now I see why you're so good at surrendering," she managed at last, her touch finally light within his palms, and he laughed.   "Can't fight the universe. Can only hope to survive it." He grinned. "Like sparring with you."   They drifted together in the dimensionless intensity of the stars, comfortable in their shared company. The waves of magical power rose and crashed around them in a harmonious symphony, an untamable chorus balancing the life and death of all of existence.

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