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Void mage

Razick met his question with a longing of her own. "I wish I could feel that. Just once."   "You can. Here."   Shane grasped Razick's hands in his, offering an Apotheturgic link to share his own experiences of magic with the battle mage. "Don't cast anything, though. The Cosmically Attuned automatically pull from the stars until we learn to control it, often with unexpected or unstable results, and I'm about to drop all my filters." He swallowed hard at the absolute trust in her emerald green gaze as she obeyed, canceling her own Shielding and squeezing his hands in hers. "But maybe close your eyes."
  Magic casters blessed with Cosmic Attunement are known as Void Mages, due to their abilities to borrow power from the stars themselves. This allows them to cast a limited amount of remarkably powerful spells before they must rest and allow the Void to reclaim what was borrowed, plus interest.   The true cause of cosmic attunement remains unknown. Genetics does not seem to play a recognizable factor, as the ability is rarely seen in both parents and offspring. Gene Therapy has also proven to have no effect. Exposure to the Void during pregnancy or childhood holds limited impacts, or all Vardan would be Void mages by default. To all intents and purposes, the ability to feel the call of the Void is rare and random.  

The Call of the Void

A large reinforced window claimed the entire left side of the hydroponics bay, revealing an unobstructed view of Baden itself, a sparkling ball of blue, green, brown, and white. Veris found himself drawn to the window as if space itself was calling to him, his thoughts only faintly registering their guards sweeping the room before taking up postings on either side of the bay.
  The capability only manifests within the Void. To most, the power within the Void becomes a comfort, an ever present companion in the back of their mind, calling to them from the stars. The Vardan title their Void mages "Voidclaimed" as a result, in recognition of this relationship.   Many Void mages choose to spend the majority of their time among the stars, even when not required to do so, in an effort to remain within range of this friendly reminder of their power. Void Necromancers, on the other hand, learn to reach through the Afterlife to draw the Void to them no matter their location.   But this relationship is not always mutually beneficial.  


“Void mages are powerful,” Kydell informed him quietly, as if he’d read the boy’s emotions. “More powerful than the rest of us. But wielding that power carries great risk.”   “We’re at war,” the boy protested, jutting his chin as he met the Admiral’s eyes. “People die all the time. I’m not afraid.”
  Void mages among the stars are always at risk for cosmic burnout, caused by borrowing more power than a mage is capable of repaying. While always preceded by death, burnout is a worse fate, leading to a complete inability to cast Magic.   Void mages are therefore first taught how to identify their limits, as insurance against ever crossing them.
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