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Janikk Station

A shining jewel of magic and engineering in orbit above Janikk, the famed Janikk Station was grown to accommodate the Mordena's diplomatic guests and family visitors due to Janikk's rules banning outsiders from the planet. Over time its use has expanded to become a popular vacation destination for the citizens of Janikk, a cultural and trade center for those wishing to spread their reputation through the universe, a neutral meeting site for tense negotiations or opulant shows of wealth, and the best way for curious outsiders to study the Mordena up close.  

Attractions and Accommodations

Diplomacy and Commerce

Private Conferences

Conference rooms of assorted sizes and decor are available throughout the station, including several which also double as art exhibits. Mordena Public Relations keeps a handful of these rooms available in case of emergency diplomatic meetings, although any member of the Mordena is welcome to reserve them in the understanding they will need to relinquish it if necessary. The rest are available to anyone for almost any reason, and have seen use ranging from trade and treaty negotiations on common ground to weddings, birthday, or corporate parties, and even makeshift refugee camps on rare occasions.  

Medical Services

Medical care on the station is included freely for all guests, with several adjacent private rooms reserved for those booking specifically in the hope of saving the life of themselves or a loved one. If made aware of the situation beforehand, station personnel will screen potential patients for conditions they cannot cure, such as cosmic burnout, but many visitors choose to hide their health status until arrival in the misguided belief this will allow them to save money on the cost of their stay.   The Janikk Station Medlab is also available to assist in medical treatment for accidents and other events while visiting, even providing Alchemy for a wide range of ailments from medical emergencies to heartburn and insomnia. An assortment of therapists are also available on an as needed basis, although these services are not as often requested.  


One of the larger compartments within the station has found use as a sprawling marketplace. Mordena and traveling merchants alike are free to set up their wares, although with the exception of the Ferrik Clan of the Vardan all visitors must obtain a permit and pay the appropriate fees. Wares must also be approved for sale.   Payment for transactions is handled by the Mordena Budgets and Finance branch of Public Relations. Mordena selling their wares may choose where to send the proceeds of their sales, either receiving the funding themselves to help offset expenses for a planned trip off-planet, applying it towards the Logistics budget to help pay for any desired off-planet materials or products, or even splitting the funds across the Mordena's accounts handling everything from planetary or fleet maintenance and expenses to operational costs for those Mordena living abroad.   As one of the promised benefits of joining the Mordena is a lack of reliance upon credits for required living expenses, costs for Mordena purchases made from the Janikk Station Market are also deducted from these accounts when paid to visiting merchants.  

Logistics and Shipping

Mordena Logistics and Maintenance maintains the Logistical Staging of Janikk Station, coordinating between orders and working closely with Mordena Budgets and Finance on any funding required. All requests for off-planet items and materials find their way here, with the subsequent shipments sorted and allocated on station prior to delivery to their recipient.   This section of the station is typically off limits to non-Mordena, although exceptions are made for close allies such as the Ferrik Clan.  

Entertainment and Relaxation

Hydroponic Gardens

Both hydroponic gardens are open to the public, allowing guests and visitors to the station to explore a collection of plants native to Janikk.   Hydroponics JS1, locally called the "Upper Garden," claims the entire top deck of the station. The garden is arranged to mimic a local park, with walkways and even benches arrayed throughout the plant and trees, with an assortment of water features for aesthetics and aeration. A large transparent dome covers the entire gardens, down to the deck itself, allowing an uninhibited view of space.   Hydroponics JS2, locally called the "Lower Garden," stretches across the bottom of the station, with only the primary water reservoir beneath. Guests are free to explore along living walkways stretching across the space, the Shielding Magic stretching between the water and walkways preventing accidents. Plants in this section have been carefully chosen to assist with water recycling and reclamation within the station.  

Massage and Spa

The Station offers many opportunities for relaxation and stress relief, including a rather extensive massage and spa catering to all. From a wide variety of massages including anemantic massages for fae, to an assortment of saunas including hydromantically-controlled options for those preferring not to feel moisture in their fur, and even Cleansing Magic and Alchemy treatments provided under the care of trained healers, guests on Janikk Station will find there is something for everyone looking to relax and unwind.  

Art and Exhibits

An assortment of cultural displays can be found scattered throughout the station. Some, such as the collection of war trophies taken from various engagements throughout the Mordena's history, remain on permanent display, while others cycle through depending upon the requests of their artists or curators.   Any member of the Mordena may request to display at Janikk Station, subject to approval of their collection to ensure it will not reveal military secrets to visitors. Paintings and other artistic pieces by the Mordena have served as the main source of information about life on Janikk, often fueling fantastical stories as not all art is based on reality, and those that are often practice artistic license.   Non-Mordena may also apply to show their creations on Janikk Station. The application and review process is quite stringent, but those who are approved often find their works grow quickly in fame and desireability.  

Drama and Live Performances

Creatives from Janikk often choose to perform at the Station, either by booking one of two different auditorium type venues or performing in public areas throughout the station. These events are often advertised in advance although spontaneous productions have been known to occur. Mordena wishing to perform their own works in public with non-Mordena must submit the items for review and approval to the Grand Navarch to ensure they do not reveal any secrets. A list of already approved works, plus all information necessary to perform them, is readily available in the Informational Library.   Non-Mordena visitors to the station are also welcome to hold their own performances, including the reservation of either auditorium, with no requirements for approval or review of the contents of their performance. Those wishing to do so are advised not to expect payment for their services, although the Mordena have been known to discount or even waive Station costs for visiting performers, and even provide transportation for returning favorites.   Those Mordena vacationing on Janikk Station have earned a reputation as discerning patrons of the arts, with many who fail to obtain their approval disappearing soon after their performances, sometimes with the Grand Navarch himself. This had led to a sharp decline in those seeking to use these porformances as a means to a cheaper vacation. Finding favor, on the other hand, has jump started many a career.  

Informational Library

The Janikk Station Informational Library remains a surprisingly popular attraction among Mordena and visitors alike. Despite its name the files include fiction as well as non-fiction, holding true to a common Mordena belief that something doesn't need to be true to reveal truths.   Library files include both written words and holovid, in a wide assortment of languages and translations, with certain texts also available in printed format. Subjects range from fanciful novels of adventure to dry tomes of history to informative volumes on magical technologies. While most files are available for review by any visitor to the station, some require clearances only available to Mordena, and all include protections against download, copying, or other means of removal from the station.  

Meals and Lodging

Available Meal Options

The station maintains a large Mess Hall with an open buffet of food items from Janikk available at all hours, and an adjacent and well stocked kitchen available for guests' use. A wall of portal cabinets also allows for ordering delivery from a large selection of venues on Janikk.   The station also boasts two restaurants. The first, the Yelb Yekkarit, is the larger of the two, attached to the kitchen of its Janikk-based counterpart via Portal Travel, sharing both menu and staff. Reservations are recommended.   The smaller restaurant, The Dragonbird Roost, is actually a cozy and intimate setting for catered meals, serving up to twenty at most per meal. Groups must book in advance, selecting their menu at the time of reservation, including whether the meal will be provided as a buffet or include full table service.   Both restaurants are open to reservations from the general public, Mordena and non-Mordena alike, although these reservations come with a reminder that Mordena Public Relations may cancel and override these reservations at any time, typically for official Mordena business. Use of the Mess Hall and its kitchen carries no such contingency clauses.  

Private Rooms

Guests may reserve a private room for the duration of their stay, with each room containing built in options for work, sleep, and storage. The layout of each room varies depending upon the requested accommodations and the number of individuals residing in the room. The largest available options include a private suite most often utilized by visiting dignitaries or those celebrating special occasions, and the communal barracks for those traveling with a large group who wish to remain together. The smallest offerings are slightly larger than Shane's Office and utilize a similar layout, housing a simple desk with a bed above, albeit in an arrangement that does not require the Hyperjump spell to maneuver.   Few rooms include viewing windows, as the majority are gathered around the center of the station as a matter of safety in case of attack. Communal showers and other facilities are available for those in rooms without such amenities, although each room does contain its own sink to ensure access to fresh water.   As with most things on Janikk Station, reservations are subject to cancelation without notice by Mordena Public Relations, if the space is required for negotiations or other diplomatic works. All guests are also expected to follow evacuation protocols if required.  

Shane's "Guest" Rooms

Grand Navarch Shane Lawrence maintains a handful of private rooms on board the station for use by his less willing guests. These self-contained quarters have been designed with both comfort and security in mind, ensuring the occupants remain confined to their cabins with no requirements to leave, although this access to even basic needs can be revoked at Shane's whim. Each room also contains at least two chairs, often with an accompanying table, to provide a convenient location for meals and interrogations.  

Ship Systems

Power Generation

As with all Mordena spacecraft, Janikk Station runs on magic and therefore Imperium. The station was one of the first ships crafted by the Mordena utilizing Agrokinesis, meaning the station itself is alive and contributes its own Imperium to power its systems, in addition to that provided by the crew. The station draws its nutrient requirements from its own sections within the hydroponics bays throughout the ship, absorbing light and radiation directly from Janikk's star.


The station is in permanent orbit around Janikk, relying solely on Telekinesis led by a Maneuverability AI and augmented by Telekinetic Mages. Maneuverability is also responsible for providing the gravity within the space station.   As the ship will never leave orbit around Janikk it does not require a Navigations department, although many Void Mages, especially Void Necromancers including Veris Asik and Shane Lawrence himself, have been known to use Janikk Station as a staging point for their larger spells.

Armor and defense

The outer shell of Janikk Station boasts a thick black natural armor agrokinetically engineered to absorb not only the sun's rays but also its radiation, metabolizing that energy to maintain the station and its magic supply, including its extensive layers of Shielding Magic.

Additional & auxiliary systems

Portal Transit

The station boasts an extensive Portal Transit System including access not only to the various sections and levels of the station but also the Primary Planetary Portal on Dirkkatael. This allows the Mordena to come and go from the station as they please, with many choosing to visit or even remain on board for extended vacations.  

Life Support

The same standard Anemancy-enhanced airflow and scrubbers used by the fleet can be found in Janikk Station, simply at a larger scale. The extensive hydroponics bays also provide additional oxygen and air purification. Due to the stationary nature of the installation, water conservation is less of a concern, allowing all guests to enjoy their choice of water-based or sonic showers, with the necessary Anemancy and Hydromancy to nonetheless recycle the resources as much as possible.

Hangars & docked vessels

Janikk Station boasts two large hangars, one limited to Mordena craft and the Ferrik Clan of Vardan, the other open to visitor shuttles. Aside from an assortment of maintenance pods scattered about the ship there are no vessels permanently assigned to the station, and it is not uncommon for the bays to sit empty if there are no current scheduled events.

Cost to Visit

Costs and Pricing to visit Janikk Station are all-inclusive, based upon the room selected and the length of the individual's visit, with some variations depending upon any prior relationships with the Mordena. As with all contracts with the Mordena, the mercenaries are open to negotiation and have been known to lower the price or even waive it altogether in return for other goods or services of use to the organization.   As with all services organized by the Mordena, members of the organization are free to enjoy Janikk Station at no charge to them or their personal guests. Diplomatic visitors and those on station in support of business with the Mordena are also treated to the Station's full offerings with no expectations of payment, unless the visiting organization has rules disallowing the acceptance of such treatment, in which case the Station management will negotiation pricing as with other non-business guests.

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