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The Language of Magic

Lira peered over his shoulder at the ring, curious. "How does it work? You carve runes on there and then...?"   "Runework. The language of magic. Although more complex than normal language... This one can't be taught in your sleep." Jake motioned for her to look through the magnifier. "It's easier to use tyrellium crystal, because then you can just program in the runes, fold them into their arrangements, and cast them into the crystal all at once. Doing it by hand is trickier, especially on something this small. No room for mistakes."
Hands of Destinee, Book 2: Destinee's Call
  Runework is the written-only programming language of Magic, allowing a skilled practitioner to enchant items and even draft magically-binding contracts such as Soul Oath. The runes must be exact in their shape and positioning with relation to each other to guarantee the optimal effect, although the magic will still function with errors, just not always in the manner intended.   The act of writing or carving the Runework also draws from the Runemage's Imperium to power the carved spellwork, with channeled spells drawing further magical power from their user – regardless of personal magical aptitude – or special power-storing runes. This power source must also be properly written into the spell, with professionally-Runed items also including safeguards for the user.   Master craftsmen, particularly throughout the Space Defense Legion, learn how to craft the runes manually. Higher ranked Sparnelli Mages often learn to draft complicated magical contracts by hand, especially for the SAF's Oathbound. The prevalence of tyrellium crystal across Vazdimet has greatly improved accessibility to Runework outside of these specialized cases, allowing the programming of spells with a specialized keyboard and even testing with rendering programs before casting the entire finalized spell within its crystal.  
Lira looked through the magnifier, running her eyes over the start of the delicate runes Jake had carefully carved into the ring. She kissed his cheek and pulled back. "I will stay out of the way and not distract you, then."   "A break would be good, actually." Jake flexed his fingers before folding them into his lap. "I was born in Legion space. Learned Runework before I learned Galactic Common... Was considered more useful. But knowledge along can't prevent hand cramps."
Hands of Destinee, Book 2: Destinee's Call
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