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The unattuned were born without an innate attunement to the magical fields of Vazdimet. Without treatment to cure the condition, most are unable to cast Magic on their own, although their metabolism will still produce Imperium.


While the condition is often explained as being unable to cast magic at all, some unattuned have learned to cast despite their genetic condition. Through the use of careful mental rituals, always accompanied by the presence of a personal object which is believed to help focus the unattuned caster's spell work. Without treatment, magic casting will remain difficult, and the unattuned will never catch up to the strength or ease of their attuned peers, but they can cast.   Officially, unattuned refers to those individuals who cannot cast spells intuitively, regardless of their level of practice. Their bodies can successfully produce Imperium, but remain unable to utilize it without assistance.


Fortunately, robust and effective Gene Therapies have been developed to cure the unattuned – provided they have sufficient resources to afford the procedure. Attunement therapy is one of the most frequently performed of all the gene therapies, leading to a simple and stable procedural formula for those seeking to unlock their full magical potential.

Affected Groups

While anyone could be born unattuned, the condition is most common among humans due to their already limited access to magic upon birth. The condition is entirely genetic, meaning dracoling with human ancestry also have an elevated risk of carrying the defect.   There are few known cases of fae born with the disease, although it has been known to occur among children born on less technologically advanced Freehold planets. Canids and katanoji are also rare carriers of the genes, although instances of unattunement are more common among kits and cubs than among the fae.

Cultural Reception

For those born in highly magical societies, particularly the Sparnell Confederation and Mordena, unattuned children are often treated shortly after confirmation of the condition. Highly devout citizens of the Hydell Order view the condition as a hindrance to worthiness, saving up to afford the expensive treatments as soon as possible.   Among other pockets of the universe, an access to magic is considered optional, and often even unnecessary. Many of The Freeholds use limited magic in their daily lives, thereby providing a wealth of non-magical opportunities. The Vardan are quick to value everyone who contributes to the well-being of their Clan, regardless of the nature of those contributions.   The insular Space Defense Legion, meanwhile, is quick to caution against Magic when a durable mechanical technology is available for the same task, instead encouraging citizens to avoid magic entirely, when possible.
Chronic, Congenital
Affected Species

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