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To be Attuned is to possess the capability to cast magic. Often this is an ability passed down through family lines, although Gene Therapies also allow an individual to acquire attunement later in life.


As far back as I've been able to research, my whole family is Attuned. Everyone, for generations! Except me.   I'm starting to wonder if I'm adopted. It's the only answer that makes any sense. But how do I ask?
— diary entry
  Genetics play an important role in the Attunement status of any mage. The trait itself is passed from generation to generation through recessive genes, gifting many with magical capabilities from childhood.   With the technological advances of Vazdimet however this is no longer the only way to become Attuned. Gene Therapies allow the unattuned to become Attuned by rewriting the genome to insert the required traits. An individual's access of these treatments relies heavily upon the local planetary technology, their financials, and whether or not they are able to obtain a grant from an employer or humanitarian organization. Those who have acquired attunement later are more likely than unattuned to produce Attuned offspring, although they are less likely to pass these genetics to their children than those born already Attuned.


For those born Attuned their abilities begin to manifest when they are still a child, most frequently in the form of unintentional enhancements to personal projects or enhanced effects to their actions when playing. The child typically does not recognize these abilities as magic but simply a natural learned skill, especially as these acts of magic are performed as part of play or in imitation of an admired adult. These abilities usually start small, with skills growing quickly upon receiving the appropriate training.  
No, Shira! We do not light our friends on fire! You apologize right this instant!
— parent scolding an Attuned toddler
  It is also possible for an individual to become Attuned later in life through external means, most often via Gene Therapy. The individual's genetics are altered to insert the attunement sequence and allowing the ability to cast magic, with those capabilities increasing over the course of the treatments and exercises until finally reaching full attunement. From this point forward any further increase in abilities will be the result of practice.

Cultural Reception

Being Attuned allows for many more career opportunities than the unattuned due to the prevalence of magic-centric professions, to the point where the Attuned are considered the average members of society. For this reason most unattuned work towards means of unlocking their own attunement.  
I have to ace this class. The Academy scholarship includes gene therapy. It's the only way I can afford it.
— stressed student
Chronic, Acquired & Congenital

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