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The nomadic space-dwelling Vardan control the paths of commerce across the universe. Their neutrality is hard earned through trade agreements and economic embargos.
  The business-minded Vardan remain a welcome sight across the universe, utilizing their hard-earned neutrality to trade and transport their wares throughout the whole of Vazdimet. Often the only legal source of wares from hostile factions, the Kin bring prosperity with them wherever they go.


The Vardan divide themselves into family-centric trading caravans, called clans. Smaller clans might travel in a single spacecraft, while more financially affluent caravans may include a handful of larger ships and even smaller supporting craft. Clans possessing more than five larger ships will split into two or more caravans, opening new trade routes to further their clan's monetary and political standing.   Clans answer to the Vardan Council, a political body consisting of the head of each dues-paying caravan. The Council determines overall Vardan policy, assisting the nomadic merchants in maintaining their neutrality and the safety of their trade routes as they navigate the Void.


Outsiders believe the Vardan value credits and the acquisition of wealth above all else, but those trusted enough to form a relationship beyond trading quickly discover this is a front to hide their true love of their Clan and Kin. As nomads, the Vardan have no planetary base of operations. Their whole lives are spent on their spacecraft, the entirety of their limited personal belongings neatly stowed within their cramped living quarters, the majority of the ship devoted to cargo for sale or trade.   Everyone has a role on the ship, originally assigned by their parents once they are found old enough and mature enough to participate. Over time these chores are adjusted based upon discovered talents and interests, and balanced against the needs of the caravan.   All those who work for the good of the caravan are held as equals regardless of their tasks with the exception of the Caravan Lead, who holds absolute authority over the caravan, with the expectation they will only use this authority when required for the well-being of the caravan. As caravan members are free to switch caravans at will, successful Caravan Leads take these expectations very seriously.

Public Agenda

Trade and commerce rest at the center of the Vardan's principles, coupled with a carefully cultivated neutrality that guarantees their ships safe passage from all formal entities across Vazdimet despite the constant wars and skirmishes. As a result the Vardan profit from the war, recognized as the only reputable party able to transport goods from any one faction to another, regardless of current political standings between them. This, too, has served to maintain their neutrality, as the Vardan will not travel where they are not welcome. Entire planetary economies have learned these lessons the hard way.


The history of the Vardan as an organization is unknown, although common theories include tales of reformed pirates, ancient Freeholders desperate to survive the conquest of their planet, or even traders and travelers from one of the ancient planes of Fillimet who found a way to maintain relevance after The War for Enlightenment and the destruction of their own plane. The Vardan themselves refuse to discuss such matters with those they trade with, although whether this is to further their business by maintaining an air of mystery or simply because they don't know either is also a topic of hot debate.   In more recent history the Vardan have left an unmistakable mark on the universe, from their creation of the standardized Stardate Calendar used for interstellar communications to the revival of business and trade across countless planets. Wherever the Vardan are welcomed, economic prosperity is never far behind.

For Clan and Kin.

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For shipping and merchandise you can trust.

Vardan Exchange

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Looking for a difficult to obtain item? Require a product from a rival faction? Need a way to deliver your product or produce? Seeking a consistent, repeat delivery on a reliable schedule?
  The Vardan Council is available for all your merchandising needs.
  Please Note: The Vardan will not deal in illegal or illegally obtained merchandise.

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