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Revenge of TR-75

After the Great Separation and subsequent space race, the Space Research, Expansion, and Learning of Fillimet sought a new planetary home to defend their share of the Golding Library's records from the terroristic attacks of the Human Defense League.   One such promising target was TR-75, a beautiful gem of a planet in a reasonably-approachable sector of space. All they'd have to do is evict its current inhabitants, and claim it for their own.

The Conflict


Faced with a murderous fleet and technology well beyond their own, leadership of the thirteen unified civilizations of TR-75 turned to forbidden technologies, using a profane merger of Nature Magic and Necromancy to bind their leader Janikk to the planet, allowing her to wield its creatures in their defense.   The ritual was a success. Or so it appeared.

The Engagement

The SREL's landing teams faced an impossible battle, with the entirety of the planet rising up against them. Plants, animals, and citizens alike attacked to their full capabilities, leaving no place safe against the invaders.   The orbiting fleet provided precision artillery from orbit, decimating cities across the planet, but had not come prepared for an extended ground engagement. Usage of biological weaponry or orbital bombardment had been discussed but rejected when planning the assault, as they'd impact the SREL's ability to colonize after.   Recognizing the futility of their original plans, the fleet left, abandoning those forces unable to rejoin them to face their fate on the planet.


The Jannadael people sacrificed everything in defense of TR-75, successfully proving their planet too expensive to conquer much less to keep.   The victory carried a heavy cost, both for the planet and its inhabitants. Jannadaelox leadership fell during the assault, leaving the survivors to face their own enraged wildlife upon the invaders' departure. Their leadership had succumbed to a lucky shot from the invader's bombardment shortly after leaving the ritual site, leaving Janikk to fend for herself with no further guardians or assistance.   Despite her best efforts, her people became one more sacrifice in the effort to save the planet.


Once a planet of carefully nurtured creatures, many genetically altered with Nature Magic, the wildlife on Janikk was left to evolve and survive on its own for centuries. The weapon deployed during the battle eventually manifested as the Tenecknaab, a neural network connecting all life on the planet.   This network includes a communal warning signal for perceived local danger, adding new levels of difficulty for the planet's carnivores. The wildlife has adapted with a continual arms race for offensive and defensive capabilities, leaving Janikk a hostile wilderness for inhabitants and outsiders alike.

Historical Significance

The Sparnell Confederation, successors to the original SREL, attempted several expeditions through the years. All met with similarly disastrous ends, until Sparnell Fleet Command eventually classified all planetary records and marked the planet as quarantine. Others have likely attempted the landing as well, although none succeeded until Shane Lawrence led the early remnants of the Mordena to request a home from the planet.


Today The Haunting of Planet TR-75 has only added to the Mordena's reputation as ferocious and efficient mercenaries. Who else could claim an untamable planet, after all?   They have used this to their advantage, hiding behind fear of Janikk and her wrath to help defend their own people while their fleets defend the other planets of the Freehold Coalition.
Conflict Type
Military Campaign
Battlefield Type
Start Date
75 EVT
Conflict Result
The Jannadaelox successfully drove off the invaders, but none survived to enjoy the victory.



13 civilizations
the entire SREL space fleet




Defend their planet
Claim and colonize a new home

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Jul 7, 2024 12:21 by Dr Emily Vair-Turnbull

It's so sad that, even though they won, they basically got wiped out. :(

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It is. :( Poor Janikk.

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