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Fibramancy is a highly specialized subset of Agrokinesis focusing on the manipulation and alteration of threads derived from plant-based fibers. As with all Nature Magic, Fibramancy requires grounding in the appropriate magical fields prior to casting.


Fibramancy is used to position and strengthen plant-based threads. Often subdivided into four different branches of skills, Fibramancy is also often used in conjunction with other magics, most notably Ferromancy, to create durable or sometimes fantastical clothing.  

Air Weaving

Fibramancy can be used to manipulate the positioning of thread strands as individuals or as a collective with no tools required. Weaving and braiding are popular uses of the skill, although using threadmancy to untangle threads is also possible.   Air weaving cannot be used to weave or position threads in ways that could not be done without magic, but it can speed up processes until they are almost instantaneous, or allow the caster to create particularly intricate weaves and weaving patterns with relative ease.   Air weaving can also be readily adapted for use in hair styling, for those with the patience to learn.   Despite its similarity to Telekinesis, air weaving has been reliably confirmed as an Exoarcana skill, and has therefore remained as a subset of Nature Magic. Those attempting to cast air weaving spells within the Void have found their efforts completely reliant on the strength of the Nature Magic fields generated within and around their ship.  


Threadspelling allows for the creation of threads from organic threadlike materials. While this requires the material to be amenable to the basics of spinning, mages skilled in threadspelling are not required to use traditional spinning materials and can instead utilize items that are not durable or malleable enough to create thread. Short fur, spider webs, leaf veins, or even animal veins on rare occasions can be hand spin into thread.   It is important to note that this skill requires handspinning using direct touch contact with the material to be spun. Threadspelling also cannot change one material into another, so straw cannot be spun into gold nor wool into steel.   Some have claimed to unlock the secrets to such transmutations, often charging others for the privilege of benefiting from their skills, but analysis of the end result has confirmed these as merely clever applications of Illusion Magic or Chromamancy.  

Thread Reinforcement

The most skilled threadmancers can reinforce their threads to develop materials and fabrics stronger than what would otherwise be possible. This involves the magical alterations of the threads' traits themselves to add strength without changing any other quality, as well as causing tighter bonding between thread strands and thread ends. When done properly, reinforment-treated fabrics are just as pliable and with the same texture and feel as if left untreated, but with added strength, and resistance to fraying or unknotting. This is the most coveted ability of Fibramancy due to its abilities to improve the starting qualities of any material, with no sacrifices on other material characteristics. The Sparnell Confederation, Hydell Order, and Mordena rely heavily on these skills when manufacturing uniforms for their military personnel.  

Chromatic Fibramancy

Fibramancy can also be used in conjunction with traditional dyes and Chromamancy to dye threads, resulting in more vibrant and colorfast fabrics. The use of Chromamancy also allows for more intricate patterns than available to traditional dyeing processes. A tapestry crafted in part with a chromatic threadmancy-enhanced dyeing processes by a skilled mage will always be top quality.   The basic techniques used for Chromatic Fibramancy can also be effectively adapted for use in other, non-dye treatments. Waterproofing is a particularly popular application of this skill and does not require detailef knowledge of Chromamancy.

Learning Fibramancy

Benefits of Natural Affinity

While mastery of the more difficult Fibramancy abilities typically requires years of training and practice, the simplest are frequently intuitive to those gifted with a natural understanding of this class of magic. Individuals with a natural Fibramancy gift will typically have perfect hair as a child, or never drop a stitch when knitting, or pick up any thread-related skills quickly after exposure, usually at a rather young age.   Those without a natural talent can still be trained quite effectively, and may even achieve the highest levels of skill. They will simply require more training and practice, as well as more concentration and Imperium when casting.  

Concentration Cues

Fibramancy in itself is fairly simple, relying more on the mind of the caster and their intentions than on any complicated processes or rituals. Those using Fibramancy are free to determine their own hand motions for each casting, if they even wish help focusing their concentration.   As a result, the uninitiated cannot always determine if an individual is casting Fibramancy spells when utilizing thread. Their steady movements of knitting needles or spinning of a loom may be all that is required.
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World Ember 2023

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