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His eyes widened as he felt the crush of her Antimagic field, unable to overwhelm its magic negation in his weakened state. This was her magic, carefully selected and mastered after her desertion. He’d had no part in it, which made its use in her victory all the sweeter.
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> Mordena Dawn 1: In Spite of the Inevitable

Discover the origin of the Mordena mercenaries, and the secret history of their founder, Shane Lawrence.
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How far would you go to run from your past?

Hiding from his violent history as a revered Void necromancer within the Sparnell Confederation, single father Shane Lawrence has finally built a quiet life. On the freehold planet of Baden he can pour his energy into the only thing that now matters: the safety and upbringing of his precocious son, Jake.

All too soon, the Confederation targets Baden for annexation, confronting Shane once more with his treasonous past. Worse, the invading force is led by none other than Shane's manipulative former mentor, Admiral Kydell.

Shane's every instinct screams to run, to hide Jake even further from Sparnell – but Baden is home. This time he could choose to make a stand and defend the entire planet, not just his son. But that means turning to the very skills he swore he'd leave behind…
  Antimagic is an expensive brute force method of spell cancelation, feeding off the casting mage's Imperium to absorb all active Magic within its area of effect. Antimagic spells require a similar level of power as the Magic it is canceling, but promises guaranteed results if its energy needs are met.   The class is best known for its most expensive capability, that of directly nullifying all magic cast within its area of effect through an equal expenditure of Imperium. It is due to this that Antimagic is classified as a Thaumadynamic magic, dealing in the transfer of magical energy. Cheaper Antimagic spells allow for the cancelation of specific spells or magic types by disrupting their connections to the magic fields required to cast.   Each application of Antimagic comes with its own strengths and weaknesses. The niche use of these skills makes them a potentially powerful option for defense, offense, or even safety systems, given the right situation, while the sheer cost required renders them of little interest to the average individual.


Contrary to its name, Antimagic is still a classification of magic. Experts in Antimagic learn how to counter magic spells and even cancel them within their area of effect. The success of each spell is direction proportional to the strength of the Antimagic spell when compared to the spell being canceled, with more powerful mages able to cast spells even despite the presence of Antimagic.   For this reason, Antimagic is typically only useful when cast by a powerful mage.  


Absorption Antimagic allows for the direct nullification of any spell by absorbing the Imperium used to cast it, through an equal expenditure of power to the spell being nullified. These spells can either be live channeled, where the casting mage determines how long to maintain the spell while allowing it to draw directly from their own magic reserves, or cast as a static spell with a set strength supplied either during the casting or through the use of additional power such as a runic capacitor.   The ability to code the spells in Runework with an external power source has allowed the incorporation of these spells within the Antimagic protocols used by many organizations to create special Antimagic rooms, either to disable mages within them or to render dangerous magic items as inert. These Runes require frequent maintenance and even replacement to maintain the Antimagic effects, particularly in areas which see heavy usage.   Absorption spells will never draw more Imperium than the spells they are canceling, meaning an absorption spell costs nothing when not countering magic, but can be overwhelmed easily by many spells cast at once from multiple sources due to the power required to cancel each one separately. Once the source powering the spell is used up or otherwise disrupted, the spell itself ends. Any magic cast within its former area of effect, whether caused by a still-active channeled spell or a freshly cast new spell, will proceed as expected with no effects on the results from the now-spent Antimagic.  


By comparison, cancelation magic is always a channeled effect, immediately canceling all spells weaker than the strength of the cancelation spell. For stronger spells, only the remaining strength of the magic will resolve. The cancelation channel will only work on new spells and magic effects which began before the channeled cancelation spell, even if the prior spell is also a channel, making cancelation Antimagic a powerful preventative skill but a poor reactive response.   Cancelation spells cannot be overwhelmed by multiple castings at once, allowing for a more economical use of magic when facing many magic sources at once, but the channel requires a constant expenditure of Imperium for the full duration of the spell, regardless of whether or not magic is cast within its area of effect. The cancelation of more powerful spells requires the casting of a more powerful cancelation spell, limiting its most effective use to only the most powerful mages. Additionally, in cases where absorption and cancelation Antimagic both exist, the Absorption spell will be used up first.   Its ability to counter multiple spells at once for the same cost, coupled with a lower Imperium cost when compared to the spells to be countered, still see cancelation spells used often in cases where frequent magic is anticipated.

Antimagic Shielding

Antimagic Shielding instead defines an Antimagic boundary, blocking spells from crossing the Antimagic Shield. These spells can be set to operate in a single direction, or completely block magic attempting to cross the barrier from both directions, and can be cast as either a one-time absorption of magic or a channeled cancelation.   These spells can also be applied through Runework, although this requires an extremely talented Runemage and a strict Rune maintenance schedule to maintain the full effects. The most expensive but effective Antimagic protocols incorporate Antimagic Shielding, often alongside tyrellium shielding as a mechanical backup, when configuration allows.   Antimagic Shielding has no effect on magic which does not attempt to cross the barrier, including spells such as Illusion Magic whose effects will remain visible through the Antimagic Shield. It is also a costlier spell than more traditional Shielding Magic, limiting its use cases.
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Antimagic Spells
Access & Availability
Antimagic can only taught to those who have mastered at least one other form of magic, due to the concepts involved in its application, as well as the costs of its use.   While limited to only the most powerful of mages, its compatibility with Runework has led to use usage across Vazdimet, from safety equipment to prisoner containment.
Casting antimagic spells requires following an exact formula and series of steps or the caster risks undoing their own spell with the Antimagic components, resulting in a partial spell.   If this occurs, the Antimagic spell must be exposed to attempts to cast other magical abilities until its Antimagic countering is used up before the caster can try again, which can be particularly draining on an individual's magic reserves.   Learning Antimagic is therefore a slow and often exhausting process, although those who master the magic can often count themselves among the most powerful mages in large part due to the higher Imperium reserves developed during training, leading to a high magic stamina.

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