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Individuals experiencing misattunement are physically unable to cast Magic due to a misalignment from the magical fields of Vazdimet and a subsequent inability to generate Imperium. The condition is chronic if left untreated, but entirely curable with a rigorous and often time-consuming regime of psychic therapy.


Misattunement is most often the result of an individual over-extending themselves magically and using up their entire reservoir of Imperium. A small quantity of Imperium is constantly required to remain aligned with the magical fields in order to metabolize more Imperium, so if the reservoir is fully depleted – such as through over-casting – any Imperium-related metabolism will cease.  

Life and Metabolism

Among the living, the production of physical energy is prioritized over the development of Imperium, and so an individual may also essentially starve themselves to the point of losing any magical capabilities. Unless the starving individual is also actively casting magic this process is slow due to the miniscule Imperium requirements of an individual at rest, but it is a valid concern, especially among the poor and destitute.  


In particularly severe cases an individual may also contract Malady prior to becoming misattuned, although the effects usually dissipate once the individual becomes completely disconnected from the fields of magic.


Those who have become misattuned cannot utilize magic in any capacity, regardless of their skills before. Their usual methods of increasing Imperium no longer work, and without medical attention they are unable to cast any spells of their own. Their interactions with items enchanted with Runework depend upon whether or not the user is required to provide power.   For those accustomed to using magic, the condition feels extremely debilitating. Advanced magic users also feel as if something major is missing from their lives, as they no longer feel the faint hum of power from the magical fields.   Those who do not use magic experience milder effects, as a mild dissociation. They still feel the absence of their connection to the fields, but since they were not accustomed to acknowledging them in the first place the feeling is more one of discomfort rather than disability.   Apotheturgy will allow the misattuned to cast magic regardless of their condition, although care must be taken in cases of longterm misattunement, as ready access to too much Imperium too quickly may case physical or mental complications.


Treatment of misattunement is fairly straightforward, although potentially time consuming depending upon the patient's former magical strengths and the duration of their present state. Treatment also varies depending upon whether or not the affected individual is still living or an Afterlife Intelligence.  

Living Patients

Living patients are treated with an intense combination of physical, mental, and magical therapies, often referred to simply as psychic therapy.   During treatment, the misattuned will enter a meditative state, while their attending healer will tap into the magical fields and weave portions of the field around and through their patient, using the mental imprints of the misattuned's meditation as a guide.   If the misalignment occurred recently, treatments can be completed successfully in as little as a week. The longer the patient has been misaligned the more care must be taken when regrounding them to prevent mental or magical shock, with some long-term chronic cases requiring years of careful reconstruction.  

Afterlife Intelligences

For AI, often a simple Apotheturgy spell will allow the soul to reconnect with the magical fields. In these cases the therapist will guide the AI through small-scale spells, maintaining the apotheturgic link until the soul is able to cast on their own.   At this point, the AI is provided a set of small magical exercises to perform several times daily, with the order to rest the remaining time and allow their reserves to replenish. After a week the AI may resume limited casting, reaching full recovery in a little less than a month.


Misattunement can be completely avoided. Those who do not actively cast magic merely need to consume a balanced diet which meets the individual's nutrient requirements.   Those who also utilize magic must understand their own magical limitations and stop casting when their Imperium reserves are low. One of the first lessons most professionally trained mages learn is the ability to monitor their own magical reserves, followed by simple meditation techniques to help boost their Imperium production in cases where they have used too much of their Imperium but still possess a meager reserve.   Apotheturgy allows mages to borrow Imperium from others, even those not trained in the use of magic, if casting beyond their personal means is required, or to prevent misattunement after the fact.
Alternate Names
Transitory Ungrounding (archaic)
Chronic, Acquired

Intentional Misattunement

The Sparnell Confederation is known for intentionally causing misattunement in their prisoners, most often by withholding food until the victim's Imperium is fully depleted. Captives are encouraged to attempt to escape or otherwise bleed off their magic reservoir, with the promise of a full meal after their compliance.   This is considered a war crime by most other factions and organizations.

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