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<<We jumping again?>> Maneuverability asked, the AI preparing his own Telekinetic engines to support the action.   <<Just stretching,>> Alanis found herself reassuring. <<But keep an eye on the Subjugation, Telemetry says they're drifting a little close.>> Better not scratch my paint.   <<Roger.>> Alanis felt the ship adjust its positioning to compensate for her observation. <<And thanks.>>
  The title of Maneuvering refers to the individual responsible for a spacecraft's movement within its immediate location of the Void, regardless of their rank or other titles. On ships not utilizing Necromancy for travel, Maneuverability will also absorb the responsibilities of the Navigations role, but is still known as Maneuverability although this title is often shortened to 'Maneuver' or even 'Helm' when spoken aloud.   The officers assigned to Maneuvering are often experts in Telekinesis due to the popularity of telekinetic engines in spacecraft. Smaller craft also require a familiarity with Portal Travel, while Maneuvering within the technological Space Defense Legion leads a team of skilled engineers in support of their mechanical primary engines.   Maneuvering works closely with Telemetry in all cases, utilizing details on the ship's location and surroundings in the Void to maintain the safety of the ship and crew. In military vessels this collaboration also extends to Shielding, particularly during extended fleet battles such as those attempting to claim a planet, as the roles coordinate with the bridge crew to determine when evasive maneuvers are more prudent.   If the Navigations role is present, Maneuvering must also coordinate the ship's minor movement during long distance transit, especially when using a portal drive due to the dangers of even Telekinesis during Portal Travel. Gravity within spacecraft relying upon Telekinesis is also deactivated during portal transit for the same reason, with the responsibility for the ship's gravity typically falling under Maneuverability's purview.
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Maneuvering, Helm
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