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Katanoji are an often aloof but friendly species of humanoids recognized by their furry bodies and flexible tails. They have exceptional hearing, an above average sense of smell, and can see well in the dark. Their tails and whiskers assist with balance and spacial awareness, granting katanoji a graceful and elegant stride, and contributing to their reputation as exceptional dancers. They possess an average attunement to magic, greater than a human's but well below a fae's.

Basic Information


Katanoji possess two arms and two legs, plus a highly sensitive and flexible tail which assists them with communication, balance, and sometimes even magic casting, when properly trained. They have five fingers on each hand and five toes on each foot, each tipped with a retractable claw. Those who are expected to wear enclosed footwear on a regular bases tend to trim their toe claws; others prefer to grow them out and even sharpen them regularly. Bare-clawed katanoji are particularly well adapted to quickly climbing trees, but due to claw placement require greater care when climbing down. They are excellent jumpers, and known for their grace of movement.

Biological Traits

Much like canids, katanoji of both genders are flat chested, although females do still possess curvier hips when compared to their male counterparts.

Genetics and Reproduction

Katanoji are also compatible with canids, producing genetically viable offspring which take on the species of one parent but the fur patterns of either. They cannot reproduce with humans or dracoling, although there has been some research with Gene Therapy and other technologies in an effort to change this for couples with the means and inclination to do so.

Dietary Needs and Habits

Katanoji are carnivorous, consuming plants and herbs solely for additional flavoring or medicinal effects. While most have grown accustomed to eating their food cooked they are well adapted to eating meats raw with no ill effects as long as they are fresh or well-preserved.   Their taste buds are well adapted to an assortment of flavors such as bitter, sour, salty, umami, meat, and fat. They lack the ability to taste sweetness, and are often confused by the concept of having a "sweet tooth," instead preferring the rich flavors of gravies and meats.

Additional Information

Facial characteristics

Katanoji noses are longer than a human's or dracoling's, but still short and stumpy compared to canids. They possess facial whiskers which extend from both sides of their mouths, as well as smaller whiskers in front of their ears.   A Katanoj's ears are typically triangular and upright on shape, with a wide 120 degrees of independent rotation, allowing them to pinpoint the origin of most sounds with fairly reliable accuracy. They have sharp pointed teeth as befits their carnivorous diets.

Perception and Sensory Capabilities

Katanoji have exceptional hearing, and can rotate their ears to better pinpoint the origin of the sound. They can also accurately identify shapes and letters in dim lighting, although their sense of color will be lacking in these situations. Their whiskers are also sensitive to touch, providing more information than even their fingertips.   Their sense of smell is also notable, although not as fine tuned as that of canids.

Civilization and Culture

Beauty Ideals

Katanoji keep their claws clean and their fur neatly arrange. Long tails and shiny coats are particularly attractive, as are whiskers in notable quantities.   Some also find scarring an enticing visual of a katanoj's fighting prowess, although in cultures which openly embrace reconstruction clones or cosmetic Curative Magic these outward signs of potential skill hold less importance.

Common Dress Code

While katanoji typically adopt the fashions of their respective cultures, many katanoj gripe that clothing is unnecessary as it hides and chafes at their beautiful fur. In these cases the katanoj in question will forgo clothing when possible, wearing as little as possible to fulfill societal obligations and expectations, and often gravitating toward loose-fitting items which rub less at their fur. Gloves will be crafted with open fingers, to allow room for their claws. Open toed footwear is also preferred, when practical.   Functional clothing is a different matter. When protective gear is required, including from the weather, even the most clothing-adverse katanoj will don the required garments with minimal complaint.

Common Customs, Traditions and Rituals

Katanoji tend to be physically affectionate, rubbing their cheeks against friends and loved ones. Pheromones in their cheeks mark the rubbed individuals as part of their social circle, allowing them to easily identify friends of friends while also forming their own bonds and intimacy.   Intentionally touching another katanoj's tail or whiskers is considered a sign of disrespect. It is also recommended to avoid touching another katanoji's fur without permission, although some are more flexible than others in this regard, and most consider hands and cheek rubs exempt from this rule.
Navarch Javon Arlise
Navarch Javon Arlise by InsaneNicky
Scientific Name
Animalius felicidae
120 years
Average Height
5 ft to 7 ft
Average Physique
Most katanoji are fairly muscular, although these muscles may not be readily apparent. Katanoji body types range from short and compact to tall and slender.
Body Tint, Colouring and Marking
Katanoji are found in a variety of colors and markings. A katanoj could possess fur in orange, brown, white, gray, black, and even a dark iridescent blue. Most have fur in multiple colors and shades with a unified pattern or stripes, spots, or splotches.   These colorations are genetic and can manifest in new and beautiful ways each new generation dependent upon their parents' and ancestors colorations and markings. Their fur can be long or short, and in some katanoji even a pattern incorporating various fur lengths.

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