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Budokkit Squadron

Doubtful Squadron

The Budokkit Squadron serves in support of the Mordena's goals to protect the The Freehold Planets from the larger factions who would swallow them whole. As with most Blade squadrons, they rotate postings between the Grand Armada and Janikk, allowing their Blades frequent time planetside to guarantee the plant-based fighters ample growth time within their homeworld's atmosphere.



As with all Mordena Squadrons, the Budokkit boasts twenty members - ten living Blade fighters and ten Blade Dancers.


The Budokkit follow the standard Mordena organizational formation, including three Flights of three aircraft each, plus an experienced wildcard pilot referred to as Fish taking the last slot.   Commander Max Coilin leads the first Flight, with his lead Dancers claiming Flights two and three.


The squadron is formed of the surviving remnants of the clash between the Militant Order of Descendants' famed Dauntless Squadron and the Mordena's Yinit Squadron, with members from both sides of the conflict. Former-Militant Max Coilin leads the fiercely irreverent pilots, while his Blade, lomg-time Mordena Cal Barthik, serves as his second-in-command.   The squadron's name, Budokkit, is translated from Morjakk as "Doubtful," a direct reference to Max's originally steadfast belief in the Natural Order until the crisis of faith induced by his capture and captivity under the direction of the Mordena's Grand Navarch Shane Lawrence.

Mordena Dawn Book 1: In Spite of the Inevitable

Mordena Dawn, Book 1

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