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telekinetic boots

Developed originally for Blade Dancers to allow the ability to ride outside their Blades, telekinetic boots have since developed a popularity across the Mordena mercenaries and even Jannadael civilians. Runework throughout the footwear allows for the localized manipulation of gravity in their direct vicinity, granting the wearer an ability to boost the power of their steps, hover in midair, or maintain their footing in non-typical gravity situations.  

Footwear Options

In their standard form, telekinetic boots extend halfway up the calf, with two or even three buckled straps wrapping completely around the leg to ensure a secure fit. Additional variations have since been developed, including a standard shoe popularized by Jake Lawrence and his bodyguard Lieutenant Yaevin Felix.   Lira Noakes is even rumored to have received a unique pair of color changing heels, a particularly labor-intensive commission due to the massive quantity of complex miniaturized runes required to support the spells on such a dainty piece of footwear.  

Telekinetic Gloves

For full effect, telekinetic boots should be paired with telekinetic gloves, allowing the wearer a full range of options to increase their stability and mobility. In actuality, outside of blade dancers and rock climbers, most choose to limit themselves to boots alone.
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