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The Exiled are former Kin, stripped of their status for actions threatening the safety and well-being of the Vardan. Typically this is caused by actions threatening the all-important neutrality so central to Vardan survival, although Clans may also exile their members for any reason including a failure to follow safety procedures or an inability to put the needs of the Clan before their own.   Exile is considered the greatest imaginable punishment, stripping a Kin of both their Clan and the protections of Vardan society. It most cases it is also intend as a temporary status, to be removed once the Kin in question agrees to correct their errors and abide once more by the laws of the Vardan Council and their Clan.

Cultural Significance

To be Exiled is to be declared no longer Kin, stripped of one's place within the Vardan. In a social society built around the collective, where "we" and "us" and used in all but the most intimate of conversations, this is a heavy blow and a punishment not taken lightly. To be Exiled is to become singular and alone, and expected to fend for one's self in the vast universe.  

Clan Exile

In rare cases an entire caravan or Clan may be declared Exiled instead, considered a threat to the Vardan's neutrality by the Vardan Council. These exiled groups are permitted to remain together but are now considered pirates, no longer allowed to declare themselves Vardan. This will also impact the status of their current trading contracts, since many organizations and planets are hesitant to deal with the factionless, although some are willing to overlook the status change if their relationship prior to the exile was beneficial.  


Fortunately, while the Vardan are swift to protect their neutrality, they are also forgiving. Exiled former clans are welcome to petition the Vardan Council for reinstatement using the same processes followed to create a new Clan. Exiled individuals are free to request entry into a different Clan, or may also petition to found a new one if they are able to obtain a ship and a crew of their own. Each exiled must show their remorse for the past actions and decisions leading to their exile, and display their willingness to return once more to supporting their Kin and following the Vardan ways of neutrality among the Factions of Vazdimet.   The Kin mourn the absence of the Exiled, and each earnest and heartfelt return is a moment of celebration.
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