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Daoff Asul's initial experiences with the enigmatic Shane Lawrence of the Mordena can be read in Blood and Water, a novelette exclusive to my Patreon subscribers! (First chapter is free!)
Daoff let out an angry snarl, his words coming easier and faster now. "No evasive answers this time. You know who I am. You spent the last several days tearing me down and I have been nothing but cooperative. Now I need to know. Who is rescuing my family? Who are you?" He pulled his lips into a sneer. "I won't answer any more of your questions until you answer mine."
  Shane sighed. "Fine." He paused. "I will let you ask one question, and I will answer it. Anything you want. No evasion, just the truth. All of it. Make it a good one."
  Daoff thought only for a moment. "How did you die?"

Blood and Water, Chapter 1
Prose | May 8, 2022

A father sets out to strike an impossible bargain in the hope of saving his family.

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