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ARC Read - Spirits of the Relentless

Mordena Dawn, Book 2: Spirits of the Relentless

Spirits of the Relentless is the second installment in the five-book Mordena Dawn space opera fantasy series, detailing the founding of the costly Mordena mercenaries and their rise from piratical deserters to ferocious and effective defenders of the independent Freehold planets. When powerful galactic empires seek to devour innocents whole, there's no hired force better prepared to stand against them.
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To lead others, he must first embrace who he was – and what he must become.
  After the Turncoat Armada’s surrender, Void necromancer Shane Lawrence is left with a command he never sought and a fleet without a sanctuary. At risk of retribution from both the planet they tried to conquer and their vengeful former allies, the fleet’s only hope lies with Shane’s ability to find them a new home.
  He sets his sights on the uninhabited planet TR-75, but there's a catch: Planet TR-75 is claimed by the planet herself. ‘Janikk,’ the lone surviving soul of an ancient civilization, whispers her name on the winds and commands the wildlife to repel intruders. To secure a future for his fleet, Shane must do more than communicate with the long-dead; he must win the favor of Janikk’s guardian, face the ghosts of his past, and earn the approval of a planet that is anything but empty.

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