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Jake Cartwright Lawrence

Navarch Jacobus Cartwright Lawrence (a.k.a. Jake)

Beloved son of Shane Lawrence, founder of the Mordena, Jake built his own impressive reputation within the mercenary organization as a talented Shielding Mage with an uncanny ability of blending the strengths of magic and technology with remarkable results. Easily dismissed at first glance as a spoiled and flirtatious child reliant upon the successes of his ruthless father, Jake hides a remarkably cunning intelligence behind his innocent, boyish charms.

Mental characteristics

Personal history

Jake swallowed, remembering the day he first met his father. The SAF had been bombarding the planet for days, first to break the planetary shield, then to raze their cities. He'd spent most of the attack hiding in the root cellar with his mother, but when Scudder escaped after a particularly close barrage he'd foolishly chased after his pet. Mom had run after, using her own body to shield him from the shrapnel as one of the attack spells demolished their house.   The planetary attack had ended shortly after the house explosion, but it had been too late to save his mother. If only I'd waited just a few more minutes, she wouldn't have died.   Or she still might have, his father had eventually helped him realize. The SAF away team, led by Renkash himself, had materialized directly in front of them minutes later, advancing on them with murderous intent. She'd thrown herself in harm's way, pleading for his life...   And his father had answered.   "He's a good kid." Jake could feel the pride in his father's voice. "I'll never deserve him, or the trust he has in me, but he's exactly what I needed."   But you've earned that trust, Dad. He moved to stand by his father, wrapping his arms around the man who had betrayed everything he thought he stood for to save the boy he'd never met. The man who had never stopped putting Jake first, no matter the personal cost.
  Born on the SDL planet of Loxira to Caroline Cartwright, Jake led an uneventful life until the fateful attack on his homeworld by none other than the feared Sparnell Confederation war criminal Admiral Renkash himself.   Rescued by his father, the two fled to Baden to begin a new life, Jake as a student at a prestigious prep school and his father as the school janitor, now in hiding from his treason with the new name Shane Lawrence. When the Confederation attacked again, this time at the Battle for Baden, Jake assisted his father in the boarding assault against the SCS Inevitable which turned the tide and led directly to the founding of the Mordena mercenaries. From that point onward Jake and his father have poured their very existence into the organization, helping it grow into the fearsome and respected powerhouse now contracted by those who wish to ensure their military success.


Pansexual, Polyamorous   As Jake himself has stated, he'll try anything once if it's fun for all involved, and will eagerly go back for seconds of his favorites.


On Loxira Jake received a standard Legion education, with its focus on non-magical technologies, Runework, and magical integration. Upon his discovery and subsequent rescue by his father, Shane Lawrence provided him with a highly advanced grounding in the magical education he had received while in the Sparnell Armed Forces, with a particular mind to Shielding Magic and an assortment of exercises to help him increase and better monitor his Imperium reserves. The Void Necromancer also offered to teach the young Jake Necromancy, a proposal which Jake eventually declined after learning Soul Call and various methods to break a Soulbind, with nothing but understanding and admiration from his father at the decision.   Jake also attended a prestigious prep school during his time on Baden, before his education was reassigned to the Turncoat Armada upon the Lawrences' move to Janikk with the determination the Freehold planet was no longer a safe full time residence for the notorious father-son team. Sparring lessons in offensive and defensive techniques have remained a constant in his life, with his father, Razick Kane, and Yaevin Felix as his most frequent instructors.


"From this point forward I'm placing you in charge of the Freehold Planet Negotiations." Shane stood stiff and formal watching Jake, emotionless. "I am, of course, still available for any assistance you require."
  Thrust into the universal stage as the head of Mordena Public Relations at the age of fifteen, Jake has adapted and thrived within the public eye as the public face of the Mordena, a stark contrast to his father's long shadow. Recognized by the Mordena themselves as his father's heir apparent, particularly due to Shane Lawrence's unwavering trust and Jake's repeated habit of exceeding expectations, his transition to Grand Navarch upon the death and subsequent cosmic burnout of his father at The Evacuation of Garnell was smooth and uneventful. While many had predicted the death or destruction of Mordena's founder would result in the disbandment of the scrappy mercenaries, Shane's continued presence guiding the efforts of MORTAC have molded the organization and its father-son duo into an even more potent adversary.

Personality Characteristics


Jake seeks to protect the weak from the strong who would devour them. This manifests mainly in his negotiations and efforts to defend planets of The Freeholds from the larger factions, both as the chief negotiator of Mordena Public Relations and then later as leader of the Mordena.   This effort is very much a personal one, as Jake has been on the receiving end of the larger factions' brutality, specifically at the Sparnell attack on Loxira which killed his mother. When presented with the choice to protect Jake or continue his mission to decimate the planet his father chose to defend him, even at the cost of everything Shane thought he believed in. This has fueled Jake to follow in his father's footsteps, to be the shield to protect those who lack the resources to protect themselves.   Unlike his father, Jake will not permanently harm others unless they are trying to hurt those he cares about. He accepts that violence is sometimes a necessity, but courtesy of his mother's influence and his father's openness about his own struggles, coupled with Jake's first military encounter aboard the Inevitable at the age of twelve, he strives to minimize that need for both himself and the Mordena.  
"She was right here," Jake frowned. "They cleaned it up. You can't tell anymore. But she died. Right here."   "Who?"   "She just lay there... Staring. Trying to breathe. Her blood..." Jake turned to Veris, anguish in his eyes. "She was already dead. But she wouldn't stop staring at me."

Personality Quirks

Jake carries many happy memories of learning magic with his father, and so he also finds teaching magic to be calming. In highly stressful situations he will often begin to teach a new spell to someone in his proximity, as the split attention calms his nerves and ironically helps him focus better on resolving the immediate problem.


Contacts & Relations

As head of Mordena Public Relations, Jake maintains relationships with planetary leaders from across The Freeholds, even presenting each with a Calling Card to conveniently alert him to situations where the Mordena's assistance may be required. Jake is also quite popular within the Mordena, recognized freely on his own merits despite his father's formidable reputation.   Jake also enjoys the more pleasurable company of a selection individuals, mostly Mordena, who have been officially approved to remain on The List. Part waiting list, part lottery pool, this document bears the names of those who have requested a romantic evening with Jake. The List was created by Yaevin "Scout" Felix, one of Jake's many lovers, and is still actively maintained by the personable katanoj.  
Do we have a new contender? Who am I adding to The List?
— Scout

Family Ties

Jake found himself standing taller at his father's words. "I do my best. Just like you taught me."   "Your best is damn impressive, Jake." His father grew quieter as they reached the door, Razick and Jeb behind them. "I've seen talented mages spend their entire lives trying to achieve half of what you've done today. At this rate you're going to be a better mage than I could ever hope to be and I can't wait to see what you accomplish."   Jake basked in the compliment. "I know."
  Jake is extremely close to his father, Shane Lawrence, despite the fact their first meeting occurred when Jake was ten, while Shane was assigned to the attacking Sparnell fleet which mortally wounded Jake's mother. Eager to raise Jake into a better man than himself, Shane has remained very open with his son regarding his own personal struggles, laying a strong foundation of truth and understanding.   Jake also remains close with his mother, Caroline Cartwright, despite her death, courtesy of the Soul Call spell learned from his necromancer father. His father's partner Feels serves as a trusted confidant and even a friend, although the empathic fae is careful to follow Shane's parenting model during interactions with their beloved stepson.  
Jake located the chain of his grandmother's locket around his father's neck, gently tugging until his fingers brushed against the mechanical pendant itself. He wrapped it in his fist. "Good morning, Feels. Dad needs to wake up now."   Can't I keep him just a little longer? The empath's tone carried a silken smugness with no hint of shame.   "Sure." Jake shrugged. "I'm not your parent. You're mine. But you'll have to answer to him when you do let him go."

Social Aptitude

Accustomed to ready access to power from an early age, Jake is the epitome of self-assurance. But where others need fear the pitfalls of overconfidence Jake has access to the full support of the Mordena, not to mention his father, underlying every promise. Flirtatious and relaxed when not on duty, many of these traits learned habits from time spent with Scout, he easily maintains his composure regardless of circumstances, readily assuming an air of command to rival his father's should the need arise.   As a result, while many would dismiss Jake as a spoiled child riding on his father's successes, those with an eye to history recognize in Jake a cunning statesman and clever inventor who has done much to reward his father's confidence.


Jake Cartwright Lawrence

Navarch (Vital)

Towards Lieutenant Yaevin Felix


Lieutenant Yaevin Felix

bodyguard (Vital)

Towards Jake Cartwright Lawrence


Wealth & Financial state

You really have the most expensive hobbies, Kid.   Not that they haven't led to some great innovations and everything, but seriously. Does the Grand Navarch even expect you to keep to a budget anymore?
Yiven Alanis
  Despite his originally humble upbringing, Jake has grown accustomed to a life where his every desire can be found at his fingertips, courtesy of the Mordena's influence and trade agreements and Shane's unwavering encouragement of Jake's personal projects. Most of these projects do result in direct benefits to the Mordena, particularly in his experiments merging magic with Legion technology, and so he can typically count on the support of the Grand Armada when his trades result in mercenary agreements, even for his personal projects. Jake remains careful not to abuse this trust.  
Jake's a lot more constructive with his hobbies than me at his age.
Known Technologies
Necromancy (basic)
Shielding Magic
Other Ethnicities/Cultures
Honorary & Occupational Titles
The Kid, Navarch
Currently Held Titles
Date of Birth
2279.02.53 EVT
Year of Birth
2279 EVT
Parents (Adopting)
Current Residence
dark green
brown, shoulder length
Skin Tone/Pigmentation
burnt ochre
Quotes & Catchphrases
Let's step back for a moment and talk this out.
— Jake
Seriously, Scout?
— Jake
Owned Vehicles
Aligned Organization
Other Affiliations
Known Languages
Sparnick, Yarvish, Legionese, Loxiran, Badenese, Rol'nish, and Morjakk, with the added ability to temporarily speak any other language if permitted to cast a telepathic link to a fluent speaker.
Ruled Locations
Shane and Jake
Shane and Jake Lawrence by Astron

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Shane Lawrence's rise from humble janitor to the founder of the Mordena mercenaries begins with In Spite of the Inevitable, a 75k word novel exclusive to my Patreon subscribers! (First three chapters are free!)
"Dad! What's wrong?" Jake made his way to his feet, clearly worried.
  "We have to go. Now. It was a diversion. SAF lured all Baden's defenses into the open." Shane was pacing, his normally impassive face a conflict of emotions. "There's a whole armada up there now. We don't have much time."
  Razick's stomach sank. If the janitor's words were true, Baden had no chance at remaining independent. The shelter vault had its own defenses but these were largely nonviolent measures and eventually they, too, would be breached. If the Confederation didn't starve them out first.
  Razick watched as Jake's face hardened. "I don't want to run anymore, Dad. I finally have a chance at something good here. Better classes, actual friends, no more bullies..." His eyes turned pleading. "I know you can fix this. Please don't make me start all over again."
  Shane stopped pacing, looking at his son as if seeing him for the first time. "A whole armada, Jake."
  "I want to stay."
  To Razick's surprise, after studying his son for a moment Shane sank to the floor in thought, still seemingly oblivious to her presence. "Okay."

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