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Worldbuilding Summer Camp 2023

Somewhere in your setting, describe
a destructive natural or supernatural event
A total of 379 entries

The Desolation an unfinished project on the event by Gerald

The Khrounh - the Sind Desert Sandstorm

The Formation of the Sororibus Egis

Explosion of the Dragon's Mount

Instabilité des champs antigravitationnels

Blight of the Withering Grove

The Magnetospheric Anomaly Event of Maledictus-1

The perpetual storms of Mount To'xasi

Phadrari, Imdii and Zaydael - the three winds

The Wild Dragons of the Barrier Islands

The Sandstorm and the Undead Curse

Evàsùl - The Destroyer of Ships

Dr. Evingston finds the Errant Thoughtseed

Lorgan's Notes: The Emblematic Collapse

On The Nature and History of Storm and Disaster Deities

Eruption of the Southern Volcanos'

The Ashen Eclipse and The Infernal Deluge

The Tectonic Shift of the New Realm

Tobzoshkuh swarm - tobzoshkuh horde

The Cataclysm - Death of a Continent

The Barrier and Creation of the Well

The Rise of the Shadowed One: Looming Shadows of the World